duminică, 3 februarie 2013

Stone for thought

About two years ago Alexandra and I thought it would be a good idea to make some notes about how we are a young couple looking for a place to rent or buy and put them in the post boxes of the apartment buildings from areas we really liked. So we made what we thought were some really nice advertisements, with pictures and drawings and everything. Of course nobody called us back, except for an old lady that wanted to invite us at some health product presentation where people who attended could buy the product at the end of the show. Nothing is by accident, the old lady said, and if you left this note here, maybe it was meant for us to meet. We wanted to go along with the idea and go to that presentation, as we thought it was one of our few chances to get in that nice, old apartment building, with a high roof and big windows that we so much dreamed of. But on the day of the presentation Alexandra had an exam and I was in Baia Mare writing my dissertation so neither of us went.

And then, I was on my way to work, when I saw a note saying pretty much the same thing - a young couple looking for a place to rent. They too tried their best to be all nice and everything. Now, being more cynical then back in the days, I thought to my self 'Poor guys' and something like 'They think they are so hip'. Because no miracle will happen and nobody is going to offer one a great place with a low rent just because of a nice advertisement note. That's why we tell stories and read stories and go to films, because in most cases no one is going to ask you in for dinner just because they see you on the street, and from there you will not end up shooting people and finding out that you are some kind of spy with super powers. 

But at least we had fun that time, Alexandra and I, because we were walking around on those streets near the park in the night and we bought some burgers and ate them while leaning on a huge stone wall.

I was thinking of this when I was out, alone, walking on those quiet streets with tall, big yarded houses and I was getting kind of bored by it all. At first I was making plans how could I buy a house in such a great location like that, then I was being envious and I ended up being bored. It seemed to me they all looked the same and nothing really ever happened around there. And it got to me that, I don't know why, but I associate this with a scene I witnessed while I was in a shoe store looking for wedding shoes. A man was screaming at his little girl because she accidentally blown up her balloon and kind of scared everybody that was around. 'You're so stupid! Look how stupid you are!!' He was screaming.

So I turned around and headed home.

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